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Alexej Ravski was born in 1961, in the settlement of Kamen-Rybolov, Primorski Krai, in Russia. 

In 1990, he graduates from the Belarus Theater and Art Institute, easel painting department. 

From 1990 to 1994, he studies at the post-graduate courses in the workshop of painting in the USSR Academy of Arts.

Alexej is a member of the Artists Union of Belarus and he has taken part in the art exhibitions since 1986.

His works are at the Modern Art Museum in Belarus, in the collection of the Belarus Culture Ministry and in private collections in Europe and USA.

Alexej’s painting is dynamic in its form and peaceful in its substance. His works are full of quietness and light, and their space are drenched in air. What is his alone, it is his maestria as a sketcher and an unquestionable talent as a painter, not so common in our time. His paintings’ world is a lost somewhere, but not forgotten world, and a world which comes true in the dreams. 

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