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KÁNDL & LA FONTAINE: The Fables in Paintings

We are delighted to present KÁNDL AND LA FONTAINE, a majestic fusion between art and literature.

Imagine a sumptuous book compiling all 246 original paintings by Lukáš Kándl, masterfully interpreting the fables of Jean de La Fontaine, accessible via QR codes.

This trilingual book will both surprise and delight you: each painting is accompanied by a QR code, providing instant access to the original fable in French or to a translation in English or German.​

Be one of those to own this reimagined cultural heritage for the 21st century!

A crazy project !

Lukáš Kándl, a Franco-Czech artist and a leading figure in "magical realism," is behind this exceptional project in tribute to Jean de La Fontaine, one of the great names in French literature.


This project is a celebration of La Fontaine's 400th anniversary and aims to rediscover his teachings through his fables, which remain relevant today. It fits perfectly with the philosophy and work of KÁNDL, who shares with us, "I have always admired great artists and loved paying tribute to them," thereby expressing his deep respect for La Fontaine.

KÁNDL is no stranger to collaborative artistic initiatives; he founded the collective "Libellule, Contemporary Renaissance," which brings together artists of magical realism from around the world. 

This tribute project to Jean de La Fontaine is not only a natural extension of Lukáš Kándl's commitment to art and culture but also an extraordinary opportunity to rediscover a literary treasure in a new light.

To explore the universe of KÁNDL, visit his website :

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