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After studying art in London, Jake travelled around various European countries and settled in Holland. 


The Old Masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, guided him and , as he said, more often laughted at him from the walls of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the Maurits Huis in Den Haag. This was an influence however that taught him more than any art training he had followed, as the art schools of the time refused to teach any painting technique, being devoted exclusively to abstract expressionism, and personal ‘freedom’. After finding out all he could about painting techniques, he then applied it to modern themes, and his own personal interests, creating a synthesis of the old and the new. He became interested in the ideas of the psychologist C. G. Jung, and the role of the unconcious in general, which began to effect his method, and give his work a surrealist look. 


He started to exhibit in his adopted home town of Den Haag, eventually being taken in as the main artist in the new gallery Jocondes Cabinet.Now he works mainly with Smelik en Stokking Galleries where he had many successful exibitions. 


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