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“My painting is somewhere between surrealism and fantastic, a mix of strange and magic. I like to think that, in an other life, I was leaving in Prague, as someone in charge of Rudolf II’s fabulous collection in which you could find, for example, astrological tools, potions to make gold, the philosophal stone, impenetrable manuscripts full of VITRIOL formula. There were also strange beasts that I especially love”. 


Lukáš KÁNDL’s great talent has been celebrated worldwide. He has received many distinctions including the Bronze Palm at the Art Festival in Bruxelles (1973), the Price of National Counsel at the International Art Competition in Monte Carlo (1987), Guest of Honor at the International Art Festival in Osaka (1992), and the Silver medal at the French Artists’ Art Fair in Paris (2005).


KÁNDL’s paintings are in numerous private collections in Germany, Australia, Belgium, the United States of America, France, The Netherlands, Hong-Kong, Italy, Japan, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland.


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