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“My leading thoughts bear on the man in the universe, God creation and his mission on the Earth. I am also concerned by historic, philosophic-religious, scientific themes, and particularly in the quantum « all is in all». I would like to express the holy sparkle which lies inside every man and the fact that he is unique in the space and the time.” 

Born in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 1952, Martin-Georg Oscity took refuge in Switzerland in 1968.

Certificated by the Applied Arts Academy in Bern, Martin-Georg also graduated from the Fine Arts of Munich (Germany). Since 1982, he worked as a free lance graphic designer for Product Creation and Kreis-Agentur agencies. In 2000, he created VISIONART and devoted to painting. Since 2000 he works on monumental paintings, fresco, still life depiction and oil paintings.

His paintings have been exhibited all around the world through more than 110 exhibitions. His work as graphic designer was awarded in Basel (first prize 1978), Paris (first prize 1985), and Toronto (second prize 1990).

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