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Born in Serbia, 1952, Zoran Ivanovic graduates from the Applied Art Faculty in Belgrad in 1981. His interest and talent span both painting and literature. He published a collection of poems « The tender Breath of Air » and a book of poetic prose « memories of Nature ».


A novel on Leonardo da Vinci’s life « A Smile of Bird’s Milk » is currently in the works.Since 1981, he has participated regularly to group shows around the world including: Wroclaw (Poland), Cleveland (USA), Brno (Czech Republic), Monte Carlo, Paris (France), and Bonn (Germany).


In 1987, Zoran’s creations was awarded at the 21st Prix International d’Art Contemporain in Monte Carlo. He directed a puppet play, a choreo-drama titled « Leonardo’s flight » for the city theater Paracin in 1994.Zoran Ivanovic teaches painting at the university of Kragujevac.

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