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Born in 1957 in Warsaw, Poland, Eli Tiunine spent her childhood in a family environment all inspired by art and painting. Her parents, well-known fresco restorers, practiced their art in more than fifty churches and polish historical places. At their side Eli Tiunine had her first experience, and at the age of 10 she practiced pencil, water colour, fusain, gouache, oil, tempera. 

Graduated from the Fine Arts National High School in Paris, Eli participates to numerous exhibitions and “salons”. In 2000, she is awarded the 1st Prize of “Presse Francophone” at the SNBA and becomes one of their Societary 

Admirer of the primitives paintings (Van Eyck, Memling, Van Dyck...) Eli Tiunine undertakes through her own works a personal research into these techniques - supports, colors, pigments - which allow the blooming of her own expression. 

Eli Tiunine's inspiration is fed by all foundering myths of our civilization linked to the realities of our time. Her paintbrush covers mythology, philosophies, Christian iconography, dramas and pleasures of our spirit and of our flesh. 

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