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Born in 1966 in Lausanne (Switzerland), Olivier Zappelli, “OZ” studied at the Sion Fine Art school, and at the Maximilien de Meuron Academy,Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

OZ has always been fascinated by the study of religion. During a stay in Haïti, he researched the “voodoo” religion and its rituals. He discovered the naïve and fantastic art of this magic island. From 1991 to 1992, he traveled through India where he became sadhu, shivaït monk. He combined his activities of monk and artist visiting Hindu temples and creating mythological wall-paintings. OZ also translated into French and illustrated the Ramayana, an Hindu epic. In 1994, during a stay in Norway, he reconnected with oil painting. In 1996, his art was celebrated by the International Center of Fantastic Art, castle of Gruyères in Switzerland, where he held his first solo exhibition. During a journey through South India, in 1998, he converted into Christianity, and moved from Hindu symbolism to Christian symbolism.

Since 1999, OZ started to paint portraits and participated in group exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy and the USA. 

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