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Patrizia Comand was born in Corbetta (Italy) and graduated from the Brera Art Academy. After spending a few years in Central America, she returned to Italy. In 1995 the Minister of Culture of Madeira (Portugal) invited her to hold a solo exhibition featuring the paintings from her “Central American” period. 


In 1998 and 1999 Patrizia exhibited her work in group shows in Tokyo and Gifu (Japan), while in 2000 the Château de Gruyères Foundation – International Center of Fantastic Art in Switzerland organized a solo exhibition for her and also acquired a large painting of hers entitled “Bewitched by the Moon” to be added to the Museum’s collection. 


Since year 2000 Patrizia Comand’s artwork has been celebrated around the world. In 2005, Patrizia was selected to create a large painting for the Milan Courthouse, and that same year, she was commissioned to paint a portrait of Pope BENEDICT XVI for the Chamber of Popes in the Superga Basilica in Turin.In 2006 she was included in the National Museum of Women in the Arts Archives of Washington.


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