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“I would like my paintings to merge what has been, what is and what will be, between CHAOS and HARMONY”. Yo Coquelin lives and works in Paris (France).


Since 1978, her paintings have been featured at major Contemporary Art Shows in Paris (France) as well as individual and group exhibitions throughout France and internationally.


Yo is Sociétaire of ‘Salon d’Automne’, ‘Salon des Artistes Français’ and the TAYLOR Foundation, French artists associations.She is a member of the ‘Musée de l’Imaginaire ’, in Ferrieres’ castle, near Paris.


Yo has received many distinctions including the Paris Silver medal (1986), First Prize at the International Art Festival in Osaka (1990), and several Gold medals. On 2005 she has been awarded the ‘Lalique Cup’ by the ‘Biennale de la Francilienne des Arts’ near Paris.


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