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Raffaele De Rosa was born in Podenzana, a small town near the ancient land of Luni (Italy). Lunigiana is the main source of inspiration in his visionary painting. Raffaele went to live in Naples, in a house near the Poggioreale cemetery which he remembers as his playground. 


These memories inspired paintings reminiscent of Arnold Bocklin. His childhood, being raised by his grandparents, made a strong impression on Raffaele who was then moving from town to town. At the age of 19, Raffaele completes his first art contract and moves to Neuchatel (Switzerland). 


Back in Livorno, Mr Stefanini, an Art Collector, purchases his all production and gives Raffaele the opportunity to work and do research for 3 years. Since 1975 his creations have traveled through Europe, the United States and Israel. In 1989, he begins working with “Il Parnaso”, a production on the theme of “Vigils” remarkable not only from an artistic but also an anthropologic point of view. “Vigils” draws the attention of many scholars on the subjects and the name “Raffaele De Rosa” starts circulating among academic besides art collectors.


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